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Bulgaria is so rich in fascinating places including these 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria focused on preserving the unique and incredible heritage of our planet.

This cultural heritage can include monuments such as monumental sculptures, architectural works, archaeological sites, natural physical and biological formations, geological and physiographical formations, and natural sites.

Traditional Bulgarian Dishes have shared some characteristics with other Balkans cuisines, and it is influenced by the excellent growth conditions for a variety of herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Bulgarian cuisine is diverse, with every meal required rich salads.

A variety of hot and cold soups are also featured in Bulgarian cuisine, an example of a cold soup being tarator. There are many different Bulgarian pastries as well such as banitsa.

Bulgarian Organic Tea produce is growing and getting popularity across the world. Bulgaria is rich in mountain herbs that are handpicked and used to produce organic herbal tea with many health benefits.

Annually in Bulgaria about 17 thousand tons of herbs are collected from wild locations across the mountains and cultivated areas. Bulgaria is a larger exporter of raw herb materials to countries such as France, the Netherlands, Germany, USA.

Bulgarians have a rich historical and cultural heritage and most of the Essential Bulgarian Souvenirs are linked to the country’s folklore and traditions.

We all know that finding unique souvenirs can be hard and most of the time people do not what to buy. Handcrafted Bulgarian souvenirs are always a good idea that you can buy for yourself or give to Bulgarian friends abroad or to your foreign friend.

When visiting Bulgaria there are some unique Bulgarian food you must try in Bulgaria. As a representative of the cuisine of Southeast Europe, Bulgarian cuisine is noted for the prominence of dairy products, a wide variety of salads served as appetizers are and also rakia, wines and other alcoholic drinks.

Bulgarian cuisine features a variety of soups, that can be served hot as chicken soup or cold soup such as tarator, and pastries, such as the filo dough based banitsa, tikvenik, pita, and the various types of börek.

It is not easy to limit the best beaches in Bulgaria to just 10. There are so many excellent beaches that can make everyone enjoy and relax. Bulgaria can offer very reasonable prices and with so many beaches stretching from north to south at the Black sea, you’ll find beaches for party people, for family fun or isolated and quiet ones.

Party lovers, beach lovers all will find great beach locations and great prices. Bulgaria is a popular summer vacation destination to many Europeans from Germany, England, Czech Republic, Russia and more.

There are so many beautiful beaches in Bulgaria, that can please any taste, ranging from wild, quiet, and relaxing to large resort complexes. Sandy beaches occupy 34% of the Bulgarian Black Sea coastline which covers a total length of 378 km from Durankulak in the north to the mouth of the river Rezovska in the south.

Over the past few years, more travelers became to discover Bulgaria’s golden beaches, rich historical and vibrant cities, spectacular mountains, and unique customs.