The Bulgarian Riviera covers the entire eastern bound of Bulgaria stretching along 378 km of coastline from the Romanian Black Sea resorts in the north to Turkey in the south.

Bulgaria’s northern Black Sea Coast features some rocky headlands where the sea abuts cliffs up to 70 meters in height, while the southern coast is famous for its wild sandy beaches. The southernmost section is included in Strandzha Nature Park, which is the largest protected area in Bulgaria.

Top Beaches in The Bulgarian Riviera

One of the best budget destinations in Europe, Bulgaria offers a wide diversity of landscapes including, rivers, mountains, and fantastic sandy beaches and coves at the stretch of the Black Sea coastline.

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Let’s take a look below at some of the best beaches on the Bulgarian Riviera and why you should visit them.

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Golden Sands Beach

Golden Sands beach Zlatni Piasaci Bulgaria

Golden Sands is the largest resort on the Northern Black Sea coast and a major seaside resort town on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, located just 17 km north of downtown Varna.

At Golden Sands Beach, you’ll find the purest sand on the Black Sea coast, making it very attractive to visitors from Germany, the United Kingdom, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Scandinavia, France, Central and Eastern Europe, the Persian Gulf, Israel, and other countries.

Here you’ll also find the Golden Sands Nature Park which is spread on an area of 13.2 square kilometers and was declared a protected territory in 1943. Golden Sands Beach connects with the Riviera resort and St. St. Konstantin and Elena Resort.

With the Golden Sands Nature Park being so close, the lush woodlands cascading and Hot mineral water springs from the Franga Plateau, are making Golden Sands Beach one of the most popular tourist spots in Eastern Europe.

Location: Golden Sands Beach

Sunny Beach

Sunny beach Bulgaria

Sunny Beach or Slanchev Bryag is one of the major seaside resorts on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, located in Burgas Province, just about 35 km north of Burgas.

According to a survey by Post Office Travel Money, Sunny Beach was ranked number one of the 46 destinations overall by offering the lowest prices. Sunny Beach is a popular holiday destination among young people from many European countries attracted by the nightlife in the resort. 

There is about 2.5km long beach strip with shops and bars and, and restaurants that are concentrating the main areas of interest and can be covered by foot.

This resort area includes a large variety of recreational services and activities, sports and music venues as well as gambling establishments. Sunny Beach is the first Bulgarian resort to be awarded the Blue Flag eco award. 

Location: Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Albena Beach in Albena Resort

Albena Beach
Photo: Boby Dimitrov/WikiMedia

Albena Beach is situated just 12 km from Balchik and 30 km from Varna and it is a major Black Sea resort in northeastern Bulgaria. The beach is located in a preserved area and is 5 km long.

Albena resort was opened in 1967 and it was purposely built resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. At the end of Albena Beach is located a nudist part of the beach.

Albena resort is a preferred destination for holiday travel and water sport and attracts with its clean sand and ultimate destination to enjoy sunrise and sunset on the beach.

The nature in the resort is very well preserved and you’ll definitely fall in love with Albena while vacationing in Bulgaria

Location: Albena Beach

Sozopol Beach

Sozopol beach Black Sea coast Bulgaria

Sozopol Beach is located in an ancient seaside town located 35 km south of Burgas on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast with the same name Sozopol. Today Sozopol is one of the major seaside resorts in Bulgaria and many entertainment events including the Apollonia art and film festival which is usually in early September.

The town has a long history dating back to the Bronze Age and is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria. All this combined with the culture, sandy beaches, history and fusion cuisine from Balkan and Mediterranean, attract many tourists from all over the world.

A common thing you’ll find here are the beach bars especially popular among young people. History lovers will enjoy places like the Archaeological Museum, Southern Fortress Wall and the Old Town.

Location: Sozopol Beach, Bulgaria

Bolata Beach

Bolata Beach one of the Best Beaches in Bulgaria

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Bolata Beach is located in the Bolata bay in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast near the village of Bulgarevo, and is part of the Kaliakra Reserve. This beach is a quite unique little cove with a near-perfect semi-circle of sand, and it is one of the very few beaches in the area.

The bay is part of the Natura 2000 Kaliakra Complex protected area or Kaliakra Nature Reserve, and it is just 14 km from Kavarna resort, while Bulgarevo village is about 5 km distance.

In the nearby caves are found remnants of an ancient settlement and evidence of life dating as far back as the 4th century B.C. Locals and tourists are attracted by Bolata Beach with its untouched and natural looks, fine sand and warm clean water but it remains a fairly quiet beach.

The European Best Destinations site ranked the Bulgarian beach Bolata among the best holiday destinations in Europe. 

Location: Bolata Beach, Bulgaria

Sinemorets Veleka Beach

Sinemorets Veleka Beach

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Sinemorets Veleka Beach is located near the Sinemorets village and seaside resort translated as “place on the blue sea” on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, where the river Veleka flows into the sea.

Sinemorets is part of Tsarevo Municipality, Burgas Province, and it is located in the very southeast of Bulgaria close to the border with Turkey.

Situated in Strandzha Nature Park, Sinemorets Veleka Beach assists in its range of flora and fauna. There are two lifeguarded beaches, located to the north and to the south of the village Veleka Beach and Butamya Beach.

Until the 1990s the area was not open to the public and since developed rapidly although efforts are still made to maintain the animal population and flora. The Sinemorets village has a population over 200.

Location: Sinemorets Veleka Beach, Bulgaria

Silistar beach

Silistar beach

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Silistar beach is located between the villages of Sinemorets and Rezovo, in a protected area in the Tsarevo Municipality, Burgas Province, Bulgaria, near the border to Turkey at the mouth of the eponymous river Silistar.

In 1992 by the Ministry of Environment of Bulgaria declared Silistar as a protected area. It is on the territory of the Strandzha Nature Park and along with it, the protected areas are part of the European ecological network Natura 2000.

The area is protected and construction is forbidden which offers a calming and relaxing atmosphere. The water is very clean and almost always calm and it is known also as “The beach of pirates”. Silistar is one of the most beautiful bays on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and is one of the most popular surfing spots on the Black Sea coast.

Location: Silistar beach, Bulgaria

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