Most people are not familiar with the benefits of Rose Oil and why they should use it. In this post, we’ll look at these benefits and how to use it.

Research and personal experiences show amazing benefits of Rose Oil use. Rose Oil is the most expensive and the most widely used essential oil on the market, used in perfumery and just to produce 1 kg of Rose oil are used about 2 tons of rose petals.

How is Rose Oil Made?

This popular essential oil Rose oil or also called rose otto is extracted from the petals of various types of roses. There are different methods use to produce this precious oil such as steam distillation, which is used for extracting Rose ottos, while solvent extraction is used to obtain rose absolutes. The more commonly used in perfumery is the rose absolute.

The aromatic botanicals and aromatic oils use date back thousands of years, originated in Persia.

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The roses cultivated for the production of rose oil are divided into two major species:

  • Rosa damascena, the damask rose, which is widely grown in Bulgaria, Syria, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Iran and China
  • Rosa centifolia, the cabbage rose, which is more commonly grown in Morocco, France and Egypt.

Rose oil has a very high price due to the low content of oil in the rose blooms and the labor-intensive production process. In the morning before sunrise begins the harvesting of flowers, which is done by hand, and the same day the material is distilled.

How to Use Bulgarian Rose Oil

Most Common Benefits of Rose Oil Use

Bellow, we put together the 10+ most common Benefits of Rose Oil usage that most people are not aware of. Damascus rose are the most fragrant species with the strongest aroma and highest oil content

Bulgarian rose oil is considered to be the best in the world and supplies over 70% of the harvest and distilled rose oil used for skincare products.

Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Rose oil has aphrodisiac benefits. and helps to boosts self-esteem, confidence, mental strength while breathing in the scent of rose oil has long been held to have anxiolytic and while efficiently fighting anxiety. A study published in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior in 2004, confirmed that rose oil has anxiolytic effects.

Rose oil bath can be an effective way to improve your confidence and driving away depression and anxiety. As an antidepressant rose oil is often added to a diffuser for creating a relaxing and calming mood.

Have Antiseptic Properties

Rose oil is important for the skin because it contains many important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This may help with wound care or soothing irritated skin. These properties can help protect the largest organ of the body, which is the skin.

The properties that rose oil contains can prove to be beneficial. If you are suffering from various skin issues, rose oil may be the answer you are looking for. Making rose oil part of your regular skincare routine could help with acne, redness, and irritation.

May Treat Wounds

According to a study rose oil may effectively improve scars and significantly increase the healing of wounds by topically applying rose oil to the wound to keep it from developing an infection or becoming septic.

Of course, this may sound like a more luxurious way of treating wounds with rose oil instead of traditional; antiseptic lotions.

Natural Skin Care Product

Rose essential oil has a unique combination of antioxidants like geraniol and citronellol which helps skin with fading away of the marks of acne, boils, stretch marks, and healing process.

This includes the surgery scars, fading of stretch marks, and fat cracks associated with pregnancy and delivery. 

May Relieve Spasms

Rose essential oil can helps cure efficiently muscle pulls, convulsions, cramps, and spasmodic cholera caused due to spasms. It relieves muscular spasms in various limbs as well as spasms in the respiratory system and intestines.

Antibacterial Properties of Rose Oil 

According to research published in 2010, the Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil was compared to 10 other oils, including thyme, lavender, and cinnamon essentials oils, and exhibited one of the strongest bactericidal activities. The Propionibacterium acnes was completely destroyed by pure Rose Oil.

It can be also used in the treatment of some diseases which are caused by bacteria such as diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, food poisoning, and more.

May Purify the Blood

Rose essential oil may help purifies the blood by neutralization and helping in the removal of toxins. It also protects the body and the skin against serious conditions such as skin diseases, rashes, ulcers, cancer, and heart disease.

May Help Maintains Liver Health

Rose essential oil is good for the health of your liver and keeps it properly functioning, strong, and protected from infections. It also treats problems like the excess flow of acids, bile, and ulcers.

May Prevent Excessive Bleeding

People suffering from hemorrhaging bleeding, external or internal after an injury or surgery can benefit from this property of the essential oil of rose. This stops excessive bleeding and speeds up coagulation and clotting of blood.

May Help Ease Menstruation

Rose oil may help to relieve stomach discomfort and more specifically women suffering from and irregular and obstructed menses. Carrier oil mixed with rose oil can be used for massage to help ease cramps, fatigue, nausea, and reducing the pain associated with post-menopausal and menstruation syndrome.

Fight Anti-Aging

Pure Rose Oil has been used for centuries and makes the list of top anti-aging essential oils, because of its most important properties and beautifying properties to helps skin stay younger for longer.

Rose Oil is great for moisturizing and purifies skin by removing toxins out, and it helps with superficial broken capillaries and scars, as well as eczema and rosea, enhances natural skin glow and radiance.

Helps Fights Acne

Rose essential oil can be useful for reducing inflammation which if you suffer from acne makes it the perfect natural choice for fighting acne. It’s also used to treat hormonal acne as well.

Rose Oil can help against several different types of acne and, when used properly and regularly, and keep in mind that it is a completely natural product.

When drops of pure Rose Essential Oil are used, the skin pores are stimulated to absorb the beneficial components of rose oil.

How to Use Rose Oil

The most beautiful flowers in the world are considered to be roses. A beautiful, red rose can invoke romantic feelings, and even people who do not know about any of its medicinal benefits can still tell is undeniable unique.

Below are a few examples of how to use Rose oil.

  • Direct Inhalation / Cupping from the Hands
  • Aromatherapy Inhalers / Nebulizers
  • Spritzers / Roller Bottles
  • Steam Distribution / Ultrasonic Diffusers
  • Massage Oils / Candles / Perfumes / Bath Oils / Soaps / Scrubs
  • Internally in Foods and Drinks / Capsules / Suppositories / Oil Pulling

Rose Oil Bath

How to use Rose Oil

Just adding a few drops of rose essential oil into a warm bath, you can give yourself a luxurious treatment, after a long, hard day, that will help moisturize and beautify your skin, and make you feel good.

Remember: Before adding to the water rose oil, or any other essential oil needs to be diluted in a carrier oil.

  • For a 1% dilution, simply mix 12 drops of rose essential oil to one fluid ounce (30 milliliters) of a cold-pressed carrier oil, lotion, or vegetable butter.
  • For a 2% concentration, add 24 drops of essential oil to one ounce of your base.

Rose Oil Acne Treatment

Mixing all the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray it on the face after your face has been cleansed. Be careful to keep it away from the eyes.


Rose oil also can be inhaled by using an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer, or by sprinkling a few drops onto a tissue or cloth. Inhale rose oil will help you treat anxiety, stress or depression. 

Rose Essential Oil Face and Body Moisturizer

½ cup of shea butter

Use a glass measuring cup and mix all the ingredients in. Then place the measuring cup in a pot with hot water below the level of the cup until the shea butter softens.

After the shea butter is soft whisk all ingredients together for a few minutes until it becomes a fluffy, white cream. You can store it in an airtight glass jar and use it to moisturize your body and face.

Do you Use Rose Oil or Know Other Benefits of Rose Oil?

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